• Little Monsters: Ever heard of a thing called "diet", Adele?
  • Little Monsters: Time to put the fork down, Christina.
  • Little Monsters: Get an ass liposuction already, Nicki.
  • *Gaga gains weight*
  • Little Monsters: FUCK SOCIETY! Gaga puts on a few pounds and you call her fat? Nice way to make people feel insecure about their bodies. Is this the example we want young girls to follow? Is this what Mother Monster taught us? You don't have to be model-thin to be pretty. Bullying is for losers. Gaga is beautiful and she was born this way. Learn how to respect people.
  • Little Monsters: And it's not like she's a complete fatass like Adele right?
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The VMAs 2012 were the first VMAs after 3 years where Gaga wasn’t attending. So, she sat on twitter and posted her thoughts on the event, the performances, the award winners, etc. Nothing special. Until one tweet in particular made the fans go “WTF”:

and the judgement-free race started wondering, who was Gaga laughing at? Katy? Rihanna? Katy AND Rihanna? After the awards ended, Gaga solved the “mystery” on littlemonsters.com…

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